Folly (street toilet) by Rem Koolhaas (OMA) and Erwin Olaf in Groningen/The Netherlands Gerardus/ Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

What an irony of postmodernity would it be, if the entire human civilization feels as if all the knowledge earned, creativity nourished and the intellectuality developed are released out of the body every day in the sacred toilet, and no doubt the toilet paper has been so much lucky to be the carrier of such galaxy of knowledge, creativity, perception and intellectuality.

Toilet, having been looked at as an postmodern art form, the real credibility lies in forcing the receiver of the art to question their assumptions about what “art” is, about who and what and how art is created, and how it is received. Toilet has been being recognised as another form of patriarchy, the place of spending time daily and a special sphere of creativity and self talking.

Is this space crunch to be seen as the struggle in our postmodern world, where genius has been pronounced dead, and mediocrity and irony congratulate one another on their empty existence?

The characterisation of toilet is reestablished as it becomes the reflection of larger cultural attitudes where toilet is toilet-ified with shame, mockery and sometimes revulsion. This aversion of the essential ‘toilet-ness’ of toilets is so high that great efforts and money are spent on disguising public toilets to look like anything but toilets. One of the tangible symbol of the patriarchal pride is that at places there is no toilet but the call of nature has forced men to succumb to the nature and a reminder for the women that you are not really wanted. But then again another side of the coin is the shameless attitude to have sex in toilet and then the patriarchy surrenders.

During the 1980s, when homosexuality was still viewed negatively in American society, many gay men found bathroom sex an easy way to have sex. Journalist Michael Koretzky wrote in the The Independent Florida Alligator: Bathroom sex is one of the most discreet ways for gay men to meet other gay men. The provision of toilet is not only significant because of a place allowing to execute private affairs but also a moral sphere where a lot of men cry just because they want to pretend as the strongest in front of the outer world.

The toilet is itself very confusing, at least, in the sense of the continuous change in the power to which it succumbs. When Facebook becomes face of the book named Exhibition of Social Responsibility, and the scam is often found in the funds allotted for building toilet or house under a scheme, a toilet is the sphere where one surrenders himself to the ‘To -I -Let’, letting the self go and build a new establishment in the with all the anti-establishment notion.

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