How do we identify violent from nonviolent identities?


If we observe Gandhi and Hitler, in terms of people who had tried to implement social reform, then Gandhi would obviously stand out as the most violent person in the world. This aforementioned violence is not gun-violence, rather it is the one which is constituted by violating one’s authentic identity – the upliftment of the ideal “I” from within the many ideal “You.” 


The diachronicity of language, for instance, is something which works as a proof of the creation of identities and the acceptance of the Omnipresent. The reliance on temporality in language and the formulation of meaning through past and future references – is a subtle activity of the lay. There’s dread in doing it and there’s negligence in questioning it. 


In this issue, The Leaky Pot will make you imbibe the lifelessness of life and the meaningfulness of meaninglessness. 


If your soul cringes, do continue reading.

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