“I Think Aliens are Watching & Visiting us Daily” – Dempsey Tilman

Dempsey Tilman

Dempsey Tilman is an independent American filmmaker who is about to make a film called Redlight. Redlight talks about extraterrestrial beings and alien abduction – a concept which helms as the mother of all conspiracy theories and myths. In an interview with Budhaditya Bhattacharjee, Tilman talks about Redlight and his thoughts about aliens. 

Tell me about your ideas about filmmaking. How do you perceive cinema?

I’m not sure how to best answer this question. For some people, the craft of filmmaking is an art form that they are still trying to control or grasp and understand. Filmmaking is what I do and have done for over 30 years. It’s very a natural process for me… from working with actors to writing the script. It’s something that I enjoy tremendously.

How is Redlight coming up? Is the project happening?

My current project “Red Light” is coming along smoothly this far. We’ve attached a producer who is helping us find financing for the film. It’s a process and you have to be diligent and patient to make it happen. We will be shooting in 2018.


How did you plan for Red Light?

There was no formal plan that came together for the creation of Red Light. The film is based on a true story of alien abduction. I got lucky and ran across the abductee and approached him about his situation. He shared his footage and opened his life and home to me to do my research for the script.

Is the footage, showing the man claiming to be an abductee, actually true?

Yes, the footage is true. No doubts in my mind whatsoever. I’ve only analysed 10,000 times and shared it with visual fx professionals to see if they could see how he faked it. The conclusion was either it’s authentic or the abductee had a whole lot of money to fake something that extraordinary, which he doesn’t.

Conspiracy theories about extraterrestrials are ravaging the internet. Currently, 6 out of every ten infotainment websites are writing about aliens. Do you believe that the “truth is out there?”

Interesting question… What I believe really doesn’t matter. The truth… well, it’s all around us but we’ve been conditioned to not see it. And the use of the word “extraterrestrials” doesn’t always apply. It seems that some of the “beings” involved in the phenomenon are able to cross dimensions. Let’s call them “Inter-dimensional” beings. And if you want to see the truth, look at the abductees video that we based our film from. Don’t just watch it once… download it and watch it… forward and backward… 100 times and you’ll see it. It’s not your buddy in an E.T. the Extraterrestrial suit, trust me.

What are your thoughts on certain claims that since the Roswell incident, the US government has been trying to cover-up ET activities?

Well, Roswell wasn’t really known of until the 1970’s or so… I think that’s when it became popular. If you go back in history, there have been documented sightings across the world way before Roswell. To be honest, I don’t think the government has a choice as far as disclosing this phenomenon to the world in a “BIG” way. I think they have been told, in more ways than one, that they are not to tell the public the truth. The BEING’s or ALIENS or whatever you want to call them have mandated a “Don’t Tell Policy” on planet Earth. I think they are watching and visiting us daily. Studying us, experimenting… some good, some bad… but they are all around us.

Last year, in the leaked Podesta emails, the truth about aliens was very close to clarity. Hillary Clinton also stated that she would be telling the truth about aliens to people if she became the president. How far political do you think this issue is?

Each president of the United States is probably briefed on a few top-secret “alien” issues when they take office. But… there are many forces underneath the government that control what

can be shared with the public. I think there’s something like 15 levels of secrecy above the president’s clearance level. These are things that even the president is not entitled or able to gain access to. Much of the world is run by or influenced by the industrial complex… so I would guess the president or any other public figurehead would get “leaned on” if they dropped any big secrets to the world. Movies and television is the device that is used by the government to sprinkle the TRUTH to the world.


Budhaditya Bhattacharjee
Budhaditya Bhattacharjee is a journalist and writer from Calcutta. He is the founder and chief-editor of The Leaky Pot. He writes and directs short and documentary films. Two of his short stories – “Beneath” and “Phenome” was published in two national anthologies, by Half Baked Beans and India Author, respectively. His literary interests revolve around death, nihilism, scientific and psychological aberration, and mystery. He works as an independent journalist and as a creative writer in an advertising agency.

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