The Marauders of Deception



Vincent got down from his bicycle, as his friends followed him. Jake and Rudolph were right behind him and stopped their bicycles in order to pursue Vincent’s activities. The town of Marshall was cold during that time and these three 13-year-old kids were staggered with all their mystifying curiosity.

“Where are we going Vin?” Rudolph asked.

“Did you guys realise that we do not use the forest to cut the longer route anymore?” Vin stated.

“That was since Tony was abducted, right?” Jake asked. 

“Yes. I wonder what happened to him. They never found him,” Vincent replied, as the three of them voluntarily started walking their bicycles into the woods of Delmo.

“Tony and I played at times. His lived next door,” Jake stated. 

Anthony Mesmer, a 10-year- old boy, went missing a year back. While the local authorities investigated his disappearance, it was announced that Mesmer’s disappearance took place at the Delmo forest. Since then kids were strictly asked not to go there. Parents had injected stringent policies regarding the woods, but, they had faded out as time grew weary. The three boys kept walking through the woods as their bicycle headlights served them with path-finding solutions.

“I think Fermi was right. There must have been extra-terrestrial visitations on Earth. I mean just look at the time duration,” Jake stated.

“We have existed for centuries. It is highly likely that other beings have done the same as well. But if you ask me I think an invasion is far away. Aliens would really not destroy the planet we have built,” Rudolph responded.

“Exactly, a predator grows things it would kill. It is likely that they are waiting for us to get at a more advanced state. And then bam!” Vincent exclaimed.

The forest of Delmo was reminiscent of the flavours of a battle that never took place. The branches of the incessant trees had intertwined the follicles of parallel habitats which are absolutely untouched. Paths had naturally paved, according to human trespasses. And most importantly, the woods had been the home to many kids, ravenously too.

The trio kept walking with an attempt to cut through the long route to their respective houses. They went to the gaming arcade where jovial generations met to encounter the latest offerings of technology. All three of them were late and trying to get back home before the hooters go on a rampage.

“Do you guys remember when Rogers claimed that he had seen an alien vessel down here?” Rudolph asked.

“I clearly remember that you believed him,” Jake stated.

“He was convincing, you dipshit,” an excited Rudolph stated.

“Guys do you see that?” Vin exclaimed.

Vincent pointed at something which was shining due to the light thrown by the headlights. The kids looked at each other and their facial muscles prompted that they wanted to delve but there was a hesitation. They gradually moved towards it. Upon close inspection, the trio realised that what seemed like a mysterious artifact was actually a wall. But they enunciated among themselves what was a wall doing inside the woods. It was impossible that a wall was present inside the woods which had never been there. Moreover, it is quite unlikely for anyone to believe that a wall was created during the time they have not visited the forest as it had gone through years of weathering. 

“Is this possible? How is it here? Why..?” Jake asked.

“This wall is long. Look how long it spreads.” Vincent stated as he tried to view of the length of the uncanny structure.

“It is quite tall. Can we get around it just by climbing?” Rudolph asked.

Instantly, in a moment’s notice, Jake got bedazzled as he shockingly pointed towards a glow of light a few steps ahead. The trio held their breaths for few seconds and begun moving towards the glow. After reaching the designated place, the trio looked at the glow but it was behaving in a manner which defied physics. The glow was coming from a hole in the wall, a hole that could fit in a 13-year-old. However, the glow of light was not creating any radiance on any object which was in front of it.

“What is this thing? Where is the light coming from?” Vincent projected the question.

“We should get back home and check this tomorrow during daylight,” Rudolph said. “What if there are monsters on the other side?”

“Go be a pussy somewhere else Rudy,” Jake uttered.

“We must go in. This is a calling guys. Something that we have always talked about,” Vincent said while attempting to touch the light.

As he touched the light, Vincent’s face garnered a smile that resembled a discovery of epic proportions. The other two gradually followed and touched it before representing similar facial motifs. The trio then slowly shoved in half of their body into the hole to go to the other side.

Dreams creamed in like ecstasy and hallucinogenic pills would take over the body and would leave it quintessentially numb and dazed for hours. Hours would renovate themselves into unnerving bystanders who would whistle at cabs on monotony-laden streets. Streets turned into waves of non-existent time and space that would get crippled inside a shoe-box.

Bright yellow light penetrated, as the trio opened their eyes to find themselves in the middle of a barren piece of land which extends towards infinity.

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Budhaditya Bhattacharjee
Budhaditya Bhattacharjee is a journalist and writer from Calcutta. He is the founder and chief-editor of The Leaky Pot. He writes and directs short and documentary films. Two of his short stories – “Beneath” and “Phenome” was published in two national anthologies, by Half Baked Beans and India Author, respectively. His literary interests revolve around death, nihilism, scientific and psychological aberration, and mystery. He works as an independent journalist and as a creative writer in an advertising agency.

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