The bush crackled. The sharp retorts were subdued by the occasional grumbling that emanated from the dark clouds that veiled the nocturnal canopy. The rain was coming. The earth waited with bated breath to get that sublime touch. Occasionally the night orb peeped out of its brief respite as the passing clouds went on to converge elsewhere on the heaven.


A pair of bare feet took the feel of the warm breath of the earth. He waited. The road has meandered on its way through the woods. Not a single soul came to his visual field. The ambient light was all that was helping his vision. Seldom had the moonbeams seeped through the leaves of the high branches and illuminated his path. A cricket kept following him as he could occasionally hear its sound. Darkness prevailed. The wind whistled past his mane. Like an Eidolon, he walked amid the darkness, eyes directly ahead. The murmurs of the nocturnal animals were restrained. Ominous. The night was young. The ones who had dared approach him had only managed to arrive at the edge of the road. They looked intently at him. Suddenly the veil shifted and the moonbeams illuminated the whole forest. Far ahead the animals saw him approach. His chiselled structure and naked body, coupled with a strikingly handsome countenance made him quite an extra-terrestrial being. As if, someone with that kind of looks can only exist amid the pages of some novel. He seemed to glide through the path, unrelenting. The forest reminded him of his old days when he used to play hide and seek amid the trees with his friends. There was one girl among them whom he intently desired. They were even in a brief relationship but eventually got estranged. He arrived at last at the edge of the forest. Yonder, the cornfields seemed to stretch miles after miles.


The cool summer wind blew through the long leaves, eddying here and there. He felt the air intently with his whole body. Reminiscence; like a rush of blood through the blades of thought, unsurpassed, relentless. He was near, quite near. He could feel it. A sense of excitement emanated in him, a low growl came from his vocal tract. He entered the fields.


This was the night. The night he had been waiting for. All those years of search have paid at last. Suddenly he stopped. He listened to the wind, felt the summer air, and took the deep scent. He turned eastward. And then he saw. She was standing a hundred yards away, her eyes fixated on him. He perceived her slender body, her supple breasts, her perfect pelvis, her billowy hair. And their eyes met. The gaze was something ethereal. It was as if the earth didn’t exist, only they were the two entities amid the whole universe. She gazed at the myriad cuts upon his body. He gazed upon her flawless beauty. And slowly they edged towards themselves. Adrenaline coursed through their veins. Their hands touched, their pituitaries went berserk. It felt as if they had looked into each other’s eyes since eternity. And then he kissed her. Not some innocent first timer’s kiss. It was a kiss full of eternal passion, emanating from a deep sense of fulfillment. As her breasts brushed against his skin, his heart went berserk. He pinned her to his body, delved into her buccal cavity. He caressed her supple breasts, her moist skin. They lay upon the field, locked in an eternal embrace. His hormones went off the balance as she started caressing his penis. All the worries of life seemed to be at bay now. Nothing else occupied the nook and cranny of his mind as he felt the moist insides of her vagina. Was it all a game? No, never. Life has a lot of shades, and this sure as hell wasn’t something mundane. Centuries of waiting has led to this, of finding the One. And at the auspicious moment when he entered her, her soft moans accentuated his passion, and he kept on thrusting more and more. Pain. The beginning of life starts with pain. But therein lingers the eternal pleasure. The deep sense of psychological fulfillment of being one with each other. Serpentine movements began to appear amid the clouds. And amid the coruscating raindrops, they made love. They felt each other’s breath, tasted each other’s submission.


The night was still young. They lay upon their love bed, ruminating upon having scripted a new dawn. The rain bore testimony to a history being made. Ecstasy filled their mind. Through their hands, a new generation would see the myriad wakes of life. Through their hands, they would run freely amid the globe, born free. No more hiding in the shadows. The time has come to make a difference. And they were the ones who would machinate it. A revolution was waiting to be ushered in. And they would be its flag-bearers. The rain had stopped. The earth smelt sweet. They were finally fulfilled. They looked upon the horizon where the nocturnal globe shone through the fog. They took in deep breaths of satisfaction. Hand in hand they coaxed their mind as the transformation took place. And on they raced, towards the new horizon where the dawn would script a new beginning for their kind. Anarchy was waiting. And perhaps, as an insignia of its arrival, all that echoed through the night was two deep howls.

Devdeep Roy Chowdhury
Devdeep Roy Chowdhury is a Licenced Clinical Psychologist, Guest Lecturer at West Bengal State University and Hiralal Mazumder Memorial College, and a writer from Calcutta. Devdeep is an ardent lover of cinema and dark literature and everything mysterious and macabre. Other than studies and writing, Devdeep is also an impeccable bass-guitarist. Freud, Nietzsche, and Existentialism are his favorite idea of a pastime.

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  1. A hauntingly beautiful piece with an earthy feel to it.Had a touch of mystery.Kept me guessing till the end.Keep up the good work 🙂

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